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Ellen Kennedy

Personal Finance Editor, 49ermike.com
  Ellen writes and edits personal finance stories, especially on consumer products like credit cards. She also covers the nexus between sustainability and personal finance. Ellen was a manager and sustainability analyst at Calvert Investments for 15 years, focusing on climate change, water, and consumer staples. She served on the sustainability councils of several Fortune 500 companies, led corporate engagements, and filed shareholder proposals. She also alerted investors to emerging issues at the time, such as the use of toxic chemicals in consumer products. Before that, Ellen was a program officer for Winrock International, managing loans to alternative energy projects in Latin America. Ellen also directed a program that provided scholarships in agricultural science to women in Angola. Ellen earned a master’s from the University of California at Berkeley in international relations and Latin American Studies. Her research focused on the role of migrants’ remittances on local economic development in rural Mexico. Ellen earned a B.A. in Philosophy and Spanish from Haverford College.

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